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What Is Beard Balm and Where Did It Come From?

Franzie Beard

Guten Tag! Welcome to Storytime With Reuzel: The Boy with the Beard of Glory

In a time since forgotten, in a small German town filled with large German men, there lived a particularly burly brute named Franz. In this town, revered for their perfectly kempt beards, Franz was ridiculed and shunned by the other townspeople for his unruly and perpetually disheveled facial hair. No matter how many times he tried to groom his unlawful bush, the beard defiantly rebelled, refusing to be tamed.

One fateful day, the townspeople of his land had enough of this blister on their perfection. They spat upon and cast stones at poor Franz, exiling him from the land that raised him. With only the clothes on his back and the comb in his pocket, Franz set off into the wild.

After many years of living in the cold mountainous terrain of the German Alps, in an act of pure altruism, Franz was taken in by a band of silent monks. His beard down to his ankles, desperate and defeated, the monks decided to train our dear Franz in the ancient ways of the beard. From their extensive apothecary, Franz mixed beeswax, shea butter, lanolin, tea tree, jojoba, argan oil, and vitamin E to create his last attempt at conquering the beard that had long betrayed him.

Lo and behold, and to his bewilderment, our astonished alchemist had created the perfect cocktail of ingredients to tame even the most defiant of beards! For a moment, he thought of keeping his discovery to himself, flaunting his now glorious beard in the faces of those who ridiculed him relentlessly. But his training as a monk ultimately led him down the righteous path.

Thenceforth, Franz was known through villages far and wide as the Boy with the Beard of Glory.

And now, he shares the ways of righteous beard balm with you:

What Is Beard Balm?

The awe-inspiring men’s grooming product that tamed the wild beard hairs of Franz is now called beard balm, or beard wax by the uninitiated. A good beard balm adds moisture to frizzy facial hair and the skin that grows it. With nature’s best ingredients for hydration and a natural hold, REUZEL Beard Balm calms the savage face beast and reveals the well-groomed rogue underneath.

Unlike beard oil, which is also a great addition to your beard grooming routine, beard balm controls and shapes with the power to hold your style while you hike the Alps or saunter to the coffee shop. REUZEL Beard Balm is formulated with a blend of nourishing oils as well as beeswax and lanolin to tame unruly hairs and transform a rebellious face rug into smooth and distinguished perfection.

What Does Beard Balm Do?

Facial hair has more character than head hair. Still, your face rug is made of hair, and needs the same nourishing stuff to grow to full bearded glory. Beard balm is a low-hold kind of pomade that is specially designed for beard hair. Beard products take hair care science and pump it up to take on the wilder nature of facial hair.

You can start using beard balm as soon as you’ve got a patch to comb through, but for medium and long beards, balm is the bomb. It has the ability to hold without becoming stiff, which makes it the perfect product for styling your beard while nourishing it like a leave-in conditioner.

What is beard balm used for? Growing a full beard can have itchy stages that can drive you to the brink of shaving. The full furry mystique can’t reach its potential if you give in to the first flyaways or itchy beardruff. Beard balm puts you solidly in control of the rebellious phases of your growing beard and trains new beard growth in the direction you want.

The Many Benefits of Beard Balm

How exactly did beard balm turn Franz from a furry-faced social outcast into the envy of bearded men throughout the Old World?

  • Smoothing out the rough side. The rough outer texture on untreated facial hair is not only an itchy torment to the man who wears it, it is a scratchy deterrent to the fairer sex.
  • Maintaining beard hair healthy. Hydrated and cared-for hairs grow longer. Tangled and dry, they break off early. If you want a righteous crop of facial hair, and an end to beardruff, beard balm is the gospel.
  • Looking wise instead of wild. Beard balm controls flyaways and cowlicks, and over time will train hair growth in the direction you desire. With a non-sticky formula, you can comb through the flexible hold to spiff up your professorial image on the fly.
  • Keeping it matte and flat. Nothing looks less appealing than a greasy beard, and too much shine always looks like hairspray. REUZEL Beard Balm has a matte finish for a clean and smooth appearance all day.
  • Smelling like the mountains. Do we need to mention the smell of a dirty beard? It is the nature of a wiry beard to trap sweat and food particles, which leads to beard funk. Fight the funk with our fabulous scents, including Original and Wood & Spice.

How To Use Beard Balm

Ready to come out of the ungroomed wilderness and get your own beard of glory? Here’s how to care for your beard hair:

  • Wash your face and beard well, or start fresh from the shower.
  • Towel or air dry your beard, then comb it the exact opposite way you want it to go.
  • Snag a small amount of REUZEL Beard Balm from the tin, and warm it between your hands before working it into your beard hair.
  • Focus on applying the beard balm to the hairs, not the skin underneath, working from the bottom up.
  • Using a beard comb, shape your beard in the style you want, working the balm through every hair with the comb.
  • If it looks great, stop.
  • If you want more volume, comb upwards again, then smooth it down with a lighter touch of the comb on the hair tips.
  • Tug and shape any curls or points you want to add to your beard with your fingers.
  • For dramatic handlebars, curls, or points, finish just those parts with a firm-hold mustache wax from REUZEL.

Growing a beard of glory is a calling that never really ends. REUZEL Beard Balm is designed to leave your beard feeling soft and looking glorious.

IS IT NOT ENOUGH TO TAME YOUR UNRULY BEARD? Check out our complete Shave & Beard Collection!

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