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Do you wake up in the morning with a wild and untamed look that frightens small children, or worse yet, makes them laugh?

How to Style Wavy Hair

Wavy Hair Men

Wondering how to style wavy hair? Do you wake up in the morning with a wild and untamed look that frightens small children, or worse yet, makes them laugh? Wondering how to keep your unruly natural waves slicked back or hanging loose while you get down and dirty? You can do it with these wave riding techniques and greaser grooming tips from Scumbassadors all over the world.

Men with naturally wavy hair face a thicket of volume that balding men envy. Wavy men’s haircuts are all over the fashion mags, where one moment of picture perfect, humidity-controlled magic sets the standard for indoor fashionistas. To hell with that. Learn how to style wavy hair for men that ride rollers, drive hogs, or cruise T-top muscle cars from the experts in greaser madness.

How to Style Naturally Wavy Hair

Style wavy hair for men

This hair type has shafts which are not perfectly round, but may be oval in profile. This texture aligns across the strands to give your hair repeating waves of textured possibility. Wavy hair is accused of being unruly, but that’s really a compliment in our book. When your independent rebel hair matches your attitude, some truly epic hair styles are possible.

Wavy hair dries out, tangles easily, and really turns up the volume. There’s some tricks to turning a morning caveman look into a slicked back hot rod mechanic or a classic rock legend. Tame the beast of humidity and ride out a rainstorm with the right haircut, the right hair product, and these hard driving styling tips from Reuzel.

The Basics of How to Style Wavy Hair

Get on board with your wavy hair type by mastering these basic techniques that hold true for most men who wrestle the wave on a daily basis. Forget what the straight-haired have to say, and tailor your routine to the rowdy hair you were meant to have.

  • Wash wavy hair with a moisturizing shampoo intended for daily use to remove accumulated styling products and pomade.
  • Use a daily conditioner because wavy hair dries out easily.
  • Throw away your hair dryer and let your hair dry naturally.
  • Use barber shop quality hair products with the level of shine you want.
  • Apply products root to tip and style your hair with fingers or a wide-toothed comb.

Short Wavy Hair - Men

Looking to rock the casbah or the corner store? Short wavy haircuts encourage the texture and volume that comes naturally to wavy-haired rogues. Many a scumbag likes it high and tight, and this hair type lets you get away with more length in a short style.

  • After washing your hair and using conditioner, towel dry, ignoring your blow dryer
  • Work grooming tonic in from the base of hair to the tip, for a first level of light hold.
  • Run your fingers through your hair gently as it dries naturally, to encourage its natural wave.
  • Use a small amount of a high shine styling product when your hair is still damp and comb through for a sleek wet look with fully optional side parting.
  • Wait until your hair is fully dry to apply a low shine pomade with a comb for serious garage grease, or clay matte with your fingers for a rebellious warrior look.

Medium Wavy Hair - Men

Got a little more going on with the waves of grunge or cyberpunk? Medium length wavy hair has texture and personality to spare. Beat back the bushy side with a little responsible hair care and more of the good grease for a swept back tsunami of style.

  • Wash and condition the wavy wildness and towel dry gently, avoiding rubbing.
  • Work some tonic through your still wet hair and let it air dry naturally.
  • For some styles like a medium wavy pompadour, it’s okay to blow dry on a low cool setting, while combing hair up and back.
  • Steer clear of hair sprays and stiff products that will break down in the first breeze.
  • Use a generous amount of pomade to slick back or hold down a side part, showing off your waves with a high sheen, traditional grease, or a gritty matte look.
  • If you have curly hair, try a grooming cream instead to separate and define with a lighter hold.
  • Either way, when you use flexible, high-quality styling products, you can comb through with a wide-toothed comb for roadside maintenance.

Long Wavy Hair - Men

What’s the difference between a long, wavy, lustrous mane and a tangled, tacky mess at the end of a hard day’s night? Not trying too hard. Seriously, if you’ve got long wavy hair, all you need is the right haircut, a little product, and the cajones to carry it. Ask for a layered cut like Jagger, and let the wind and waves happen.

  • You get a pass on the daily shampoo. Long hair should be washed 2-3 times per week. On days in between, just rinse or condition if it's dry.
  • Dry with a towel by compressing or gently squeezing, never rub your long locks into a frenzy.
  • Apply grooming tonic or surf tonic for a light windblown hold and comb through with a wide-toothed comb. Keep that comb in your pocket for detangling and mid-day taming with a little water.
  • If you have thick hair, grooming cream or styling paste might be all you need. Apply to damp hair and let it dry in the breeze.
  • Once your hair is dry, add a little more grooming cream or styling paste to tame the frizz and keep a flexible hold on your glorious mane while you lead a Braveheart charge or cruise to the pier for a beer.

Catch That Wave and Hold on Tight

wavy hair men products

After learning how to style their thick wavy hair, men can emerge from their cave and start making history or turning heads across dark rooms. For most of these wavy hair styles all you need is professional quality hair products from Reuzel to smooth, define, and rough up the texture of wavy hair. Rigid hairsprays and flaky gels won’t ride out the day of a scumbag legend on the move, and can leave glued-in knots that crimp your ride.

Naturally wavy hair can be an up and down battle, until you find the right style and care routine. Whether you sport a short marcelled wave or the rough and ready layered Astoria cut, there’s no substitute for flexible products that let your hair flow and express your unruly style. Looking for more inspiration? Find your signature look and how to get it with Reuzel hair products and know-how.

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