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<p>Wondering how to tame a curly man mop? Do you wake up looking like you were dragged backward through a wind tunnel? Greasers and scumbags aren’t all straight-haired slick-backs. We’ve got the answers on how to style curly hair for men that won’t leave you looking like a light socket mishap.</p>

How to Style Men’s Curly Hair

Best Curly Hairstyles for Men

Wondering how to tame a curly man mop? Do you wake up looking like you were dragged backward through a wind tunnel? Greasers and scumbags aren’t all straight-haired slick-backs. We’ve got the answers on how to style curly hair for men that won’t leave you looking like a light socket mishap.

The Tricks to Taming Men’s Curly Hair

Curly hair men

Start by ignoring all the advice that straight-haired sources provide. The natural texture of curly hair is different, each strand with variations in thickness that make it curl up. Curly hair can dry out or be damaged by styling, which brings out the frizz and fuzz.

  • Shampoo less often, about twice a week with an excellent moisturizing shampoo. Shampooing natural curls can strip the good hair oils and fire up the frizz factor.
  • Use a conditioner three times a week, and leave-in conditioning hair products On days when you don’t shampoo, rinse your hair with water when you bathe.
  • Get a wide-toothed comb for detangling and styling curly hair. Fine-toothed combs and brushes can destroy the definition that makes curls stand out.
  • Don’t rough up your hair with the towel. Dry your hair gently, by squeezing it through the towel instead of rubbing. A microfiber towel absorbs more water and causes less knots in the mop.
  • Let your curly hair air dry or blow dry gently with a diffuser. High heat and high wind are a recipe for frizzy damaged curls that refuse to chill out.
  • Work a high-quality pomade or styling gel through your curls with your fingers. The hands-on approach pulls curls together and keeps them separate.

How to Style Curly Hair for Men - Short Hairstyles

Curly hairstyles

Short curly hairstyles are either bomb or bust. When your crop top goes every which way, you should let that inner scumbag shine. You don’t need a blow dryer or a fancy comb for short curly hair. You do need the right hair care product designed for flexible hold and however much shine suits your gig.

  • Start with damp hair and work through with pomade or fiber paste.
  • Go with a greasy sheen, grimy matte, or shiny wet-look product.
  • Steer clear of blow drying and heat that fries the short hairs.
  • Get a grip and scrunch each patch of hair, front to back, for a devil-don’t-care wild look.
  • Or comb through straight back, and then let the curls fall where they want with a head shake.
  • A hit of spray hair tonic keeps it together.
  • Get your hands wet for a quick finger comb refresher on the road.

How to Style Curly Hair for Men - Medium Length

Medium length curly hair

Got that mid-range medium length hair, maybe with short sides? Short curls usually tame down with product, and long hair weighs itself down, but medium curls scream at high volume. Volumizing is where it’s at for impact. Not ready for full-on rowdy? Use a firmer hold to keep your volume down a few decibels.

  • Get going with damp hair and a wide-toothed comb, making sure the tangles are gone before you get started.
  • Pick a product with some serious hold to get height on top, or a lighter hold to let it all hang out. Greaser shine, matte clay, or an extreme hold pomade will set the stage and adjust the lights.
  • You’ve got options, so choose the volume level and direction. Comb up and flip out or finger crunch against your head. Slick it back or pull sections into messy bangs.
  • For full-on wild-man mystique, hang your head upside down and blow dry with a diffuser.
  • Finish with a light spray of surf tonic to keep each curl holding together while the winds of adventure blow by.

How to Style Curly Hair for Men - Long Hairstyles

Long curly hair for men

So you’ve got the locks, but do you know how to pick them? Long curly hair can be an attention magnet and crowning greaser glory. If you got this far with a curly hair type, you’ve been doing something right, and we aren’t going to let you down on the long road to dangerously good looking.

  • Use a daily conditioner, and towel dry gently by the squeezing method. Then comb through damp hair with a wide-toothed comb, middle or side parted.
  • Grab a generous amount of grooming cream for a light shine and hold, to let your long locks find their own way. Apply to the ends first and work your way toward the roots, finger combing through.
  • Alternately, use fiber gel for a firmer but flexible hold that helps long curls stand up to wind, sun, and long stake-outs.
  • When the day calls for tight control of your powerful mane, try a man bun or half-down man bun, where just the top half of your hair is wrapped up tight, and the back flies free. Tie off your bun with a shoestring, and there’s no shame in using a bobby pin.
  • For total control, use an elastic hairband and go with a stallion-tail, and slick down the front, sides, and back with a pomade or hair cream to keep them from frizzing up. Use grooming cream to finger comb curls into your not-a-pony-tail.

Curly Hair for Men

Mens curly hair

These are good tips on how to style men’s curly hair, but far be it from us to limit your possibilities or try to choose your direction. Independent and self-sufficient, sometimes all curly hair needs is permission to rock your world. Try different options and combinations until your mop finds its calling and makes up its mind.

When it comes to styling curly hair, you’ve got three basic options:

  • Slick it back. Comb back and grease up with pomade in a greasy shimmer or a matte clay finish. You are in control and ready to rebuild an engine or re-arrange a face.
  • Let it ride. Let your curls loose and sneer if they can’t take a joke. Toss your curls and finger comb only. Parts are for rule followers. Taming the frizz is your only battle, and grooming cream with a surf tonic spray keeps it together without holding you down.
  • Divide and conquer. Go with a long center part and flowing waves of grungy glory. Or comb in a side part and toss rough curls off your forehead before you step into a street race or onstage for an encore. Choose a pomade hold and shine level that fits the venue.

Keep Your Curls Front and Center with Reuzel

Men with curly hair

Men with curly hair don’t fly under the radar. Keep your curls loud and proud with the finest men’s styling products from Reuzel. We’ve got barbershop-quality hair tonics, shampoos, and conditioners and the perfect selection of pomades and styling products to protect and proclaim your right to define your look.

Curly hair products

All our products are cruelty-free, because that’s how we roll, and our vegan formulas are good for your hair. Toss off the second-rate hairspray and fruit essence nonsense. Go for the good stuff and grease up those springs with curly hair products for men from Reuzel.

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