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Reuzel (pronunciation: roo-'zul)

1. (noun) A term originating from the Dutch language, meaning lard.

2. (noun) The finest, world-renowned brand of styling products known for unbeatable quality, performance, and swagger. No lard included.

Created By Barbers, Used By Everyone. \n \n For those ready to sculpt a style, write a story, and be part of a legacy… Welcome to the Reuzel family.

Created By Barbers, Used By Everyone. For those ready to sculpt a style, write a story, and be part of a legacy, welcome to the Reuzel family.


The story kicks off in a time of rock-n-roll grit and punk rebellion, 40 years gone in Rotterdam, Netherlands, when Leen and Bertus, affectionately referred to as The Bearded Bastard and The Bloody Butcher, began their journey. Barbers by trade, provocateurs by character, with an insatiable desire to create the perfect pomades for the counterculture they were so deeply ingrained in. Through trial and error, countless reformulations (and one far too close encounter with almost burning down the barbershop, a story for another day), the early versions of Red and Green came to be. And so, as traditional, old-school barbers, our unlikely protagonists dug deep into the rich history of pomades to create what is now celebrated as the world's finest in hair care…REUZEL.


Inspired by the success of their pioneering Red and Green water-based pomades, Leen and Bertus set out to expand and create the perfect product line for the good people of Rotterdam, and someday, the world. What started as a line created for a very specific classic customer, Reuzel has evolved into a complete style and care line for all hair types, textures, and style objectives. Reuzel offers the best-in-class products to ensure that as styles change, attitudes remain the same.

No Pigs Were Harmed

in the Making Of Reuzel Products

reuzel is leaping bunny certified cruelty free

Reuzel is proud to be certified by Leaping Bunny as a cruelty free company. We never test on animals.

The first pomades were made from pig fat and apples. Seriously!

Prior to the late 1700’s, barbers were also surgeons. In surgery, they attempted to use pig fat to heal open wounds and quickly learned this caused infection. In effort not to let the pig fat go to waste, they decided to use it for barbering and discovered that it was perfect for greasing the hair back from their customers’ face. While this style of slicking the hair back grew in popularity, it didn’t smell very gentlemen-like. The French then began adding apples to the mix to make the smell more appealing. The French word for apple is Pomme, and thus pomades were born.

How things have changed

Today, we’ve left out the pig fat but combined our grease pomades with the traditional apple scent in our Green Apple Peppermint Grease and Pink Apple Salsa Grease. You wouldn’t want to fry anything up with our Lard, but it will give you the proper scumbag look.

Do we use animal products?

Most of our products are 100% vegan except for a few that contain beeswax: Green Pomade Grease, Pink Pomade Grease, Extreme Hold Matte Pomade, Concrete Hold Matte Pomade, Clay Matte Pomade, Fiber PomadeBeard BalmSolid Cologne BalmThe Stache” Mustache Wax, Grooming Cream, and Matte Styling Paste.

We love pigs!

We pay tribute to the retired pig with our Reuzel logo. We chose to use the pig as our beloved mascot to celebrate both the history of pomades and pigs being free from harm.

What we're up to, in real time

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