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Created By Barbers, Used By Everyone. For those ready to sculpt a style, write a story, and be part of a legacy, welcome to the Reuzel family. 


A Reuzel Scumbassador is a licensed barber or stylist who has been selected to become a Reuzel educator and is an ambassador for the brand. They embody Reuzel’s values, promote Reuzel techniques and products, and share their expertise and passion with others in the industry. 

To become a Reuzel Scumbassador, certain criteria must be met, including being a licensed barber or stylist with a minimum of three years of experience, actively carrying Reuzel products in their shop or salon, and having a deep passion and knowledge for the brand.  

Scumbassadors play a role in teaching how to create Reuzel haircuts and styles, Product Knowledge, host live technique demonstrations, for both students and licensed professionals, and act as a resource for fellow barbers, stylists, and clients. 



Phase I: The Calling 

Reuzel Scumbassadors aren't just chosen - they feel compelled. Our elite educators are selected to spread the Greasy Gospel as far and wide as the earth is round. Our Scumbassadors have an unquenchable desire to push themselves to the limit and take their men’s grooming skills to the highest level. If you can feel the passion, if you FEEEEL the GLORY, drop a line at to find out if we're currently searching for educators near you. 

Phase II: The Awakening 
Phase II is where the rubber meets the road. If we are looking for new Scumbassadors in your neck of the woods, it's time to throw your hat in the ring. Create a video audition showcasing your skills while using Reuzel products to create your vision and post it to YouTube. Be sure to talk about why you chose the particular cut and styling technique, and why Reuzel products were essential to achieving your look. PRO TIP: Let your unique personality and style shine through, but don’t let it overshadow your precise and practiced technique and talent. Send us the link to your video, along with your resume and headshot, to 
Phase III: The Mission 
Phase III is where the true trial begins. Your video will be reviewed and critiqued by our Reuzel Education Team and high-level Scumbassadors. In addition to your technical skills, your attitude, educational style, and potential fit with the Reuzel family will be evaluated. 

Phase IV: Mastering the Craft

Upon successfully navigating the tempestuous Phase III, you shall earn the privilege of being invited to Phase IV—an intensive, five-day immersive training program led by our esteemed senior education team. This time will expose you to the pinnacle of instruction, ensuring an unparalleled learning experience. While you will be responsible for your own plane ticket, nearly all other expenses will be generously covered by us. At the end of this transformational week, a select few will ascend to the prestigious rank of Scumbassador while others will embark on a personalized development plan tailored to their growth. A few individuals will depart, leaving with a story for the ages.  

Phase V: Commencement  

Phase V signifies the commencement of your esteemed mission. As an authorized Scumbassador you will join a dedicated team committed to enriching their communities with unparalleled techniques in the realm of men's grooming. Your invaluable contribution will extend to mentoring aspiring barbers and stylists, nurturing them into world-class professionals. Moreover, you will enjoy access to the latest advancements in education and products, empowering you to remain at the forefront of your craft. Together, we will establish new benchmarks, setting the standards for the upcoming generation of revolutionary barbers and stylists. Welcome home!

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