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Optimal Tattoo Aftercare Instructions

Reuzel Tat Shine

Do you wish you could find complete tattoo aftercare instructions for the first 6 weeks and beyond? Look no further than these ink care and healing tips to give your fresh tattoo the right start for a lifetime of bold statements.

You are tough as nails, or needles at least, but your new tattoo is delicate until the healing process is complete. It is kind of like a new relationship. Your tattooed area is a vulnerable open wound that needs daily attention.

To make sure your new tattoo heals properly, commit to follow these aftercare instructions for the first 6 weeks and avoid the most common ink faders and pitfalls that can smear your colors or dull your design, no matter how edgy you really are.

Why Use Tattoo Aftercare?

Reuzel Tat Buff before after

You got a tattoo, so you are clearly an all-in player. You welcomed the pain and permanent body art that tells your story without a word spoken. Making a commitment to tattoo care is a no-brainer after you turned your skin into a living canvas.

Not only should the fine art that is your hide be well cared for, but in the first few weeks your inked skin can soak in bacteria and infection can set in. Once that happens, you are looking at excess scabbing and scarring, which dulls and blurs your tattoo. You basically get one shot at taking care of your fresh tattoo for the best long-term partnership.

So let’s get down to the nitty gritty of your new tattoo care instructions.

How to Care for a New Tattoo

Reuzel Tattoo Buff Exfoliating Wash

The bigger your inked area, the longer it may take to heal. If you are having a large tattoo applied in several sessions, you may need to continue earlier steps until the last sections are complete.

Day 1

Your new tattoo will most likely be covered with plastic wrap or other material to protect the surface. Remove this covering after 1-2 hours, or wait longer if your tattoo artist suggests it. Get to know your new life partner, but hands off for now.

You will probably see fluid oozing from your new tattoo and the area might be warm, red, or swollen. This is normal, and don’t get freaked out by the color of the leaking plasma because ink will seep from your artwork for the first week or so.

  • If the wrapping is stuck to the skin surface, gently pour warm water over the wrap until it slips free.
  • Wash your hands first, then using only your fingers, wash the tattooed area gently with mild soap and warm water. Don’t do any serious rubbing and do not use a washcloth.
  • Allow your tattoo to air dry.

Day 2-3

It is the morning after, and that means things are not as pretty as they looked yesterday. Your tattoo is probably cloudy, and might be scabbing over already. Take care of it gently and it will clean up just fine.

  • Always wash your hands before touching your tattoo.
  • Wash your tattoo twice daily with a gentle liquid antibacterial soap and your fingers.
  • Steer clear of washcloths, towels, and loofahs for your tattooed areas.
  • Air dry or use a paper towel.

Day 4-6


So, you’ve been together a few days now, and the swelling should start to go down. Redness fades and the true inner beauty starts to come to the surface. Well, probably under a layer of light scabs, but don’t pick at the edges of things. Accept these minor imperfections and keep up your aftercare tattoo instructions.

  • Wash two times a day with a gentle antibacterial soap.
  • Use your fingertips in a circular motion to loosen crusties, but let them be otherwise.
  • Moisturize with HYDRABALM after you wash, and whenever you’ve got the itch.

Day 7-14

Things start to get more comfortable, and your new tattoo should not be red and swollen anymore. If it is still red, it could be infected. Then it's time to consider some therapy, so contact your tattoo artist or drop by the doctor’s office for some professional help.

The scabs that formed over your healing artwork will start to naturally come off during washing, but don’t force it. Expect to feel the itch now that the burn is gone. Apply a thin layer of a tattoo-specific moisturizer like HYDRABALM whenever you feel the urge to scratch that itch.

  • Wash your tattoo in the shower with your fingers and a gentle soap.
  • Stay away from the rough stuff. No exfoliating products or cleansers designed to even your skin tone.
  • Apply moisturizing HYDRABALM twice a day or whenever you feel like picking at scabs. Leave it alone, dude. Give it some space to fully heal.

Day 15-30

All that understanding, encouragement, and support are starting to pay off. Your tattoo should come out from under the scabs as it fully heals on the surface by the second or third week. There might still be a few little hang-ups to deal with, but with good daily care and attention, you and your tattoo are bonded and doing all the crazy things you planned.

If things seem a little dull on the surface, keep moisturizing and look forward to full healing and more clarity as the weeks go by. It can take 3 months for a tattoo to fully heal and become the true arm trophy it was meant to be.

  • Continue washing daily, or twice daily, with the same gentle soap and your fingers.
  • Use HYDRABALM after each wash or as needed to stop that itchy feeling.
  • Steer clear of other tattoo care products until 6 weeks have passed.

Getting the Best Final Results

The Full Routine TAT Bundle

The deeper layers of your tattoo can take 3-4 months to heal completely, and this deeper connection brings the true colors and edgy sharpness to the surface. As your tattoo heals it becomes as bright and vivid as it has the potential to be.

Once at least 6 weeks have passed, turn your daily habits to the long-term needs of your tattoo.

  • Use BUFF exfoliating wash twice each week to remove dead skin buildup.
  • Moisturize daily with HYDRABALM for healthy skin that doesn’t pull or pucker.
  • Apply SHINE tattoo spray before you hit the door to show off your true colors.
  • Use VIVID gel color enhancer once per week to keep the fires burning for the long haul.

Care for your new ink for a lifetime of adventures and revive old tattoos with the right attention and TAT aftercare from Reuzel. The complete TAT system of tattoo aftercare products have the powerful natural ingredients and tattoo-enhancing properties that help protect the relationship you build with your body art.

Optimal Tattoo Aftercare Instructions Infographic

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