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About Reuzel University

About Reuzel University

Reuzel University offers in-person, hands-on education and training at our Denver, CO Academy. Classes range from classic cuts to modern styles for beginner to advanced professionals. For upcoming events, check out the Reuzel University Calendar.


Undergraduate: Primary School Program  


The REUZEL Primary School Program is a direct descendant of the original technical approach that drove the global success of the Brand. 

The program has been developed to interface with both Barber and Cosmetology programs as a modern, and relevant advanced addition to the standard coursework. The five class programs are:

  1. Classics
  2. Modern Cuts
  3. High Texture Cutting
  4. Beard Design
  5. Shave



Graduate: Technical Classes for Licensed Professionals  


All graduate classes except for Barbering ll do not need a prerequisite and are welcome to all. 



Look and Learn Cluster Program to Introduce REUZEL. 

Master Scumbassadors will present the old-school craft of barbering by demonstrating classic cuts steeped in traditional and perfected over decades by the “Lords of the Lard” themselves. 

While preaching the greasy gospel, the Scumclass will touch on how to build the men’s business to ensure your greasers, ruffians, and other fine gentlemen scumbags return to chew the fat and walk out with a perfect cut, every time they leave your shop or salon. 


Look and Learn Program with Model. 

A REUZEL Scumbassador will demonstrate how to achieve styles from Classic to Modern Classics to High Texture. Learn how to approach these cuts and integrate REUZEL techniques into your everyday work. 

REUZEL products are founded in the roots of barbering and designed to accommodate all your patrons/clients’ needs from shampoo, 

to blow dry, to finish. We will demonstrate how to use each of these products so you can achieve the most classic and appropriate styles for each of your patrons/clients. 


CLIPPER CARNAGE: The Not-So-Boring Hair

Demonstration and Hands-on Course, Intended for Those New to Clipper Work. 

Let us help you get down and dirty with your clipper! 

This course allows you to learn the ins and outs of the tool, along with a variety of techniques to make you more comfortable with your tapers and fades. 

From Clipper knowledge and care to advanced clipper over comb work, this course dives deep into what many consider the most important tool to achieve most of the classic REUZEL cuts. 


Look and Learn in the Morning/Hands-On in the Afternoon. 

The much-needed first step to understand the REUZEL shapes and how to achieve them. 

This is a great course to get your feet wet and start to understand the techniques we use as the foundation for all our haircuts. There are two cuts taught:


The Vanguard is the longest length haircut in the REUZEL Classic Collection. The Vanguard is cut utilizing only scissors, horizontal sections to promote the buildup of weight in the transition area and working with diagonal graduation on the sides of the head to promote movement and directional flow. 

The Textured Crop 

The Textured crop is the shortest haircut in the Modern Classics collection. The textured crop introduces clipper over comb cutting techniques and showcases connecting the top of the head to the side of the head with vertical sections in the transition area. 


Look and Learn in the Morning/Hands-On in the Afternoon. 


In this course you will learn three of the most popular REUZEL haircuts. Here we dive deeper into the uses of your tools, specifically the clippers. 

This is the 2nd course in the REUZEL Barbering series, designed for the Barber / Stylist who is already comfortable using a clipper and is looking to further their skill set. There are three cuts taught:

The Executive Contour 

The Executive Contour is a staple in the REUZEL Classic collection. Utilizing clipper over comb cutting techniques and horizontal sections in the transition areas of the head. 

The Boogie 

The Boogie is a signature haircut in the REUZEL Classic Collection. Showcasing how one can create strong classic shapes while incorporating asymmetry within a haircut. Working with clipper over comb cutting techniques and introducing freehand clipper cutting. 

The Flattop 

The Flattop is the shortest length haircut in the REUZEL Classic cut collection. Some consider the flattop as the “most traditional haircut” as  the Pompadour is a grown-out flattop. Utilizing clipper over comb cutting, freehand clipper tapering and showcasing alternative clipper and comb grips 

LONDON CALLING: New Collection of Longer, Modern Looks Focusing on Length, Natural Flow and Texture. 


Look and Learn in the Morning/Hands-On in the Afternoon. 

Taking ingredients from punk rock, rhythm ‘n’ blues and seventies rock ‘n roll we cooked up a new collection of pork chops long enough to bang your head with. 

Length, natural flow and texture are the key additives to these 3 cuts done using only shears. Our Scumbassador will show you how to achieve these longer looks and incorporate REUZEL Products. 


Masters: Men’s Business Program


We believe that different business models demand different strategies and structures, but also believe that regardless of the model, we are all working to develop the same three pillars of sustainable growth. Energetically attracting new customers, retaining those customers at a rate that will ensure high productivity and robust growth, and optimizing every customer service experience to ensure maximum revenue.

The Men’s Business Academy delivers three effective systems that can be adapted to support any business model:  

1. Commission Based Model 

    Variable Pricing. 

    Commission based businesses drive growth based on simple supply and demand. REUZEL has created a comprehensive Development Strategy, and Career Path that will take a new team member from day one through mastery, and mentorship roles. 

    2. Fixed Pricing Model 

    Productivity Driven - Chains - Traditional Barbershops 

    REUZEL’s Master Business Academy helps develop technical speed and efficiency and optimized retail sales- referrals, and pre-booking in our Service Delivery and Sustainable Growth program. 

    3. Micro Business Model 

    Booth/Suite Rentals and One Chair Locations. 

    REUZEL’s Micro Business Academy helps independently owned businesses understand their unique point of difference and helps them consolidate resources to build a solid business platform. 

    The MBA program goes on to ensure every Micro Business is creating powerful content that will support the individual brands character and optimizes every aspect of their social media business building potential using our Social Media – Likes to Dollars program.  


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