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The Vanguard

The Vanguard

Know it:

The full-bore slick back. No part. No fuss. Nothing standing between your face and the world about to be laid at your feet.

Get it:

A Reuzel-certified shop will clock just what The Vanguard is. But a lesser stylist, who knows? So tell them you want to comb your hair straight back, without any obvious blending or undercut.

Build it:

1. Apply a generous palm of REUZEL Grooming Tonic to clean, towel dried hair. 

2. Run a comb through your hair to make sure the tonic is spread evenly.

3. For an extra-straight look, blow dry while directing hair backward with a 7-9 row Denman type brush. If you’d rather keep just a bit of natural wave, use a vent brush instead.

4. Once that’s done, you’ll want to put in some product to lock The Vanguard down. Use Reuzel Blue Pomade, and let the pork do the work.

5. Comb everything backwards evenly, so there’s no visible part.

6. If you’d like a bit of height, use a hair pick to lift up the front and top. But in general, keep it smoothed back from your face. After all, the whole point of The Vanguard is looking like you got nothing to hide. Even if you do.

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