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The Executive Contour

The Executive Contour

Know it:

It’s not a cut. It’s a tool to get what you want. Rules boardrooms. Does awfully well in bedrooms, as well.

Get it:

The Executive Contour is a classic men’s cut. It’s a bit like a Hard Part Pompadour, but without the hard part and with considerably more length on the sides and back, so you can’t see scalp. Consider starting with a clipper guard of
four. You can always cut it closer after that. The Executive Contour works with or without a hard part, depending on how structured you want it to appear.


Build it:

1. Scrub a towel over your hair, leaving it only slightly damp.

2. Use a comb to create a smart part, straight back from your hairline to your crown.

3. Blow the whole mess dry, maintaining the parting, using a Vent type brush to add a bit of a natural wave. 

4. When everything’s dry, smooth Reuzel Green Pomade evenly through your hair.

5. Comb The Executive Contour into place.

6. Use your fingers to create a natural curl in the bangs, laying it back against the hair on top. After all, there isn’t a single titan of industry who isn’t a bit of a rascal when he needs to be.


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