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Style Medium-Length Hair for Men Without Hats

Medium length hair

Are you sporting a mid-length mop that makes you head for the hat rack? Looking to learn how to style medium-length hair for men?

It seems like medium-length haircuts should be a happy medium, with enough length to blow back on the bike and not enough to get in your mouth when you face downwind. What makes the difference between looking like a lost sheepdog or a dangerously desirable dude? It’s all in how you style your medium-length hair.

How to Style Men’s Medium-Length Hair

Mid length hair

You probably just had short hair a little while ago, and all you needed was a small amount of hair product and maybe a blow dryer to hit the highway after your shower. It is now time to put a little more grind in your morning routine. Keeping your mid-length hair healthy is the first step to avoiding the evils of hats and the hat head look. No one wants to see that.

Get your locks in a new state of nourished, and tame the wild just enough to get past the bouncers by:

  • Washing with a barbershop quality daily shampoo
  • Adding a daily conditioner if you don’t use one
  • Appling grooming tonic or surf tonic to your towel-dried mop
  • Blowing dry while combing in the direction you want or with a side part
  • Working a small amount of good grooming cream or matte styling paste through the ends
  • Combing with a wide-toothed comb to finish or touch up on the road

Proceed to dominate the conference room, hang ten, or brood mysteriously in the corner booth.

How to Grow Your Hair Longer

Mens medium length hairstyles

Some of the most popular men’s medium-length hairstyles depend on growing out some length in specific areas. The Quiff, Mohawk, or Pompadour styles need more length on top. The Astoria and other classic rock styles need longer hair on the sides.

Grow the crop faster and get the hottest mid-length hairstyles for men who aim higher by:

  • Taking good care of the hairs. Using the best styling products and getting regular trims to shape toward your desired look will get you there faster.
  • Expecting to change it up. You might have to grow your hair through an awkward phase to get where you are going. You can avoid surrendering to hat head by using a grooming cream or paste with a higher level of hold to keep unruly patches under control.

Word to the wise, hairspray is not your friend, and it sticks to your hat something awful.

So Which Hair Products Are Best for Styling Medium-Length Men’s Hair?

clay matte try me kit

When it comes to medium-length hair for men, the question is how much grease is too much? Until you have a full pomp, fauxhawk, or slick back going on, avoid the heavier pomades and fiber creams. As you move from shorter to longer lengths, the type of hair you have will determine which products fit the bill.

  • Thick medium-length hair. Try grooming tonic on damp hair and finish with grooming cream or matte styling paste for the rowdier side. A wide-toothed comb is your tool of choice.
  • Fine medium-length hair. Surf tonic on damp hair may be enough; if not, use grooming cream on the ends only. Use an open brush to gain altitude with a cool blow dryer.
  • Curly medium-length hair. Use surf tonic for wind blown curlies, with matte grooming paste to keep it well defined. Avoid blow drying and finger comb as you go.

Ditch the Hat and Get the Look

Quit beating around the bush and choose a legendary mid-length hairstyle that screams to go hatless.

Smoking Side Part

A modern take on a classic, this cut is slightly longer on top, with short sides. The part can be cut in by the barber or styled with a brush.

  • Start with towel damp hair and apply surf tonic.
  • Blow dry with a denman brush, sides down, and top to the side opposite your part.
  • Finish with matte grooming paste.

Messy Quiffness

Grow the top out a bit longer and you can rock a messy quiff, which is a modern take on the classic pompadour. This rumpled bad boy look also suggests you might be the brains of the outfit.

  • Apply grooming or surf tonic to damp hair.
  • Blow dry with a denman style brush from the back forward.
  • Apply some grooming cream or paste to the roots on the top.
  • Blow dry straight up, using fingers to give it direction and definition.
  • Finish with a spray of surf tonic or fingerful of pomade for a greaser look.

Dangerously Slick

Total control when things get dicey. This mid-length slick back has a dangerous sheen and laughs off what the world throws at you. Some of the world’s finest scumbags and masterminds favor this slippery slope to greatness.

  • Towel dry and work grooming tonic through with your fingers.
  • Air dry or stop blow drying when your hair is still damp.
  • Use a generous amount of our quality pomade for a high shine.
  • Or, try a clay matte styling paste for a grittier gleam.
  • Comb through from the front to the back to create a smooth or wavy sleek finish.

Get Too Hot for Your Hat

styling mid length mens hair

Uncover your potential and unleash your look with the best men’s hair products from Reuzel. Our full line of grooming products makes men more memorable and puts hat makers out of business. Browse the secret formulas that make our Scumbassadors famous and get rid of the helmet head that’s holding you back.

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