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Pomade vs. Wax vs. Gel

Pomade vs. Wax vs. Gel

Pomade vs. Wax vs. Gel

Ah, yes: the age-old question of hair gel vs. wax vs. pomade. If you’re currently nodding your head along, thinking, “Yes, that is a valid question,” then good for you; we’re on the right track. On the other hand, if you’ve stumbled across this post in your desperate search for the perfect hair styling product, none of which you’ve cared to try before, you’ve also come to the right place.

Here we go through all the uses and benefits of each of these mystical styling products so that you can keep your hair looking barbershop fresh every day of the week.

What Is Pomade?

man with beard and tattoo on neck

Pomade is one of the oldest men’s hair products in existence. Although it has lost some of its popularity to the more mainstream hair gel, pomades are still used globally for their varying strengths, from medium to strong hold and their ability to create a high shine finish. 

Pomades typically come in two versions: water-based pomade and oil-based pomade. As the name suggests, each of these variants’ ingredients are either water-soluble or not. Although there are pomades to suit every hair type and texture, many people with oily hair find that oil-based pomades may be too greasy. 

Benefits of Pomade

Reuzel pomade tin

Pomade is typically applied to wet or damp hair to ensure the product is smoothly spread through your hair and doesn’t clump. If you’re going for a pompadour, ducktail, or slicked-back style, pomade is an excellent choice, as using it on wet hair can create a nice shine, even if you have naturally dry hair. 

Besides its versatility, there are many benefits to using pomade, including:

  • A little goes a long way, significantly, when smoothed through wet or damp hair.
  • It can help dry hair look healthier and hydrated.
  • Water-based pomade can be rinsed out every time you wash your hair.
  • Low-hold pomades are a great option for smoothing and maintaining a messy, carefree hairstyle.
  • They are capable of holding hairstyles even if your hair is very thick.

What Is Wax?

Wax, although slightly similar to pomade in texture, typically offers much more hold. Unlike pomade, which stays pliable throughout the day, wax usually dries out after a few hours, which allows for a stronger hold and much more creativity when styling your hair. As the name suggests, hair wax is a group of beeswax or rosin-based products that give short to medium hair high hold.

Benefits of Wax

Hair wax is typically applied to dry or damp hair and should be reapplied throughout the day to maintain its hold and shine. It is the perfect product in any short- or medium-length hair care routine and can even help tame flyaways and frizz in men with long hair.

Other benefits of hair wax include: 

  • It doesn’t harden your hair or make your hair strands look stiff.
  • Wax often has a less shiny finish than pomade.
  • It has a buildable hold and can be reapplied throughout the day.
  • It’s great for holding short spikes and adding volume to short hair.

What Is Gel?

tattooed man holding beard

If you’re looking for rock-solid hold and the ultimate slick back, there’s nothing quite like good old-fashioned styling gel. Ridiculed after its obvious misuse in the early 2000s, gel has been making a major comeback as more and more A-list celebrities are sporting slick, smooth hairstyles at events and parties. 

Unlike wax or pomade, most hair gels clump hair together and then dry out to become stiff, shiny, and unmoveable. Gel also allows for a lot more creativity and is perfect for spiking, slick backs, mohawks, and any other gravity-defying hairstyle that may suit your fancy.

Benefits of Reuzel Fiber Gel

Unlike traditional Gels, our Fiber Gel incorporates fibers to create the same hold without being sticky, oily, or flaky. This allows for a firm pliable hold with relatively low shine.

Other benefits of hair gel include: 

  • Firm holding power all day
  • Adds fullness and structure to the hair
  • Alcohol-free formula
  • Non sticky, flake free formula
  • Maintains the characteristics that appeal to the avid gel user
  • Subtle sugary rum fragrance
  • Vegan formula

Why Reuzel Always Has the Answer

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Whether you’re looking for pomades, waxes, gels (or even all three!), Reuzel has you covered with every variation of each product you could need for flawless, perfectly styled hair every day of the week. For more information, or to buy a high-quality hair care product for yourself or a friend, look through our website today!


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