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<p>Let’s face it. The epitome of rugged manliness is a well-kept beard. People can’t help but respect a luscious face rug, and we all know it.</p>

How to Use Beard Balm

bearded surprised man with paper

Let’s face it. The epitome of rugged manliness is a well-kept beard. People can’t help but respect a luscious face rug, and we all know it.

Now, there are many well-advertised ways to keep your beard in tip-top shape.

Regular trimming, brushing, and washing are all excellent ways to make even Jerry Garcia’s facial hair change its tune.. However, there’s one relatively unknown secret that could be standing between you and a perfectly styled, perfectly healthy beard and mustache—and that secret is beard balm: the ultimate addition to your grooming routine.

What Is Beard Balm?

man using beard balm

Beard balm is the beard moisturizer to beat all moisturizers. The best beard balms are usually made from a combination of hydrating butters or hard oils like shea butter and essential oils that promote hair growth, shine, and general health.

Beard balm is an excellent choice if you have a medium to long beard, as the wax-like consistency can help tame flyaways and leave you looking sleeker than ever.

The Importance of a Moisturized Face Rug

Take good care of your beard

The importance of moisturizing your beard can’t be stressed enough.

At one point or another, we’ve all experienced beard itch, that unrelenting need to scratch the skin beneath your beard. One of the reasons you might be experiencing this is dry skin. Luckily, beard balm doesn’t just help hydrate your beard hairs; it can keep the skin beneath it healthy, hydrated, and itch-free.

Other reasons why beard balm is essential to beard care include:

  • It can help soften your beard and give it a healthy shine.
  • It’ll keep your beard smelling great.
  • It can help tame unruly beard hairs.
  • Its moisturizing effects can help reduce dandruff.
  • Applying beard oil and beard balm together is unnecessary, so it’ll streamline your grooming process.

How to Make the Most of Balming Your Beard

attractive harsh masculine pensioner in eyewear eyeglasses touching his moustache

Now that we are all in agreement that beard balm is the best thing to happen to beard grooming and sculpting since … well, since shaving, here’s the step-by-step guide to applying beard balm perfectly, every time.

Wash That Face

Young bearded hipster man washing his face with water in the bathroom while looking himself in the mirror.

As with any beard grooming process, it’s essential to wash your beard before you even think of beginning the styling process. Applying the beard balm while your beard is still a little damp can also make the styling process so much easier.

Use a Small Amount

Jar with beard balm

The amount of beard balm you use depends on the length and thickness of your beard hairs. Instead, opt for too little and add more later than use too much and end up on the greasy side.

A good rule is to start with a pea-sized amount of beard balm and work your way up from there.

Work It! ... into Your Beard

Melt the beard balm by placing it in your palm and rubbing your hands together until it becomes soft and slightly oily. Using your hands, work from the bottom up, so most of the beard balm goes onto your beard hairs, not your skin.

Then it’s time to work it! Just like you’d use conditioner, use your fingers to work the beard balm into your beard, using downward strokes to tame any rebellious beard hairs.

100 Brush Strokes

young good looking man visiting barber shop.

Ah yes, the age-old secret to perfectly soft hair. Grab a beard brush or beard comb and get to styling and smoothing out your beard. Brushing will also help remove any excess beard balm that may later leave your face looking oily.

Wash (Again)

Despite beard balms doing incredible things for your beard hairs and the skin below, balm buildup over time could lead to breakouts and skin irritation. So, once you’ve gotten all you need out of your perfectly groomed beard, remember to wash it with a gentle beard cleansing soap or foam.

Choose a Knockout Beard Balm

Of course, the ultimate secret to using beard balm perfectly is finding the right balm for your needs. Beard balms containing natural oils and ingredients that promote hair health and growth are the best options.

Luckily, everything you need for a perfectly kept beard can be found in one place. Whether you’re looking for a beard wash, beard foam, or a range of wonderfully scented beard balms, Reuzel provides everything you could possibly need.

The original Reuzel Beard Balm contains argan oil and shea butter for ultimate shine and moisture, while the Reuzel Wood & Spice Beard Balm is perfect for every man looking to release his inner pirate or who just likes the earthy, exotic scent.

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