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Halloween Costumes for Men With Beards

Halloween costume ideas for men with beards

You've already got a lot to work with if you are putting together a Halloween costume this Fall, my beard-growing friend. While a beard can certainly ruin the "look" of certain costumes, if you are willing to lean in to the tough, rough-around-the-edges, and mysterious nature of the bearded man, you can actually create an excellent look. Here are some iconic Halloween costume ideas for men with beards to emulate, from the downright brawny up to the sophisticated and refined.

Quick and Easy Costume: A Lumberjack

With nothing more than a sturdy flannel shirt, a pair of tough jeans, and some work boots, you can transform yourself from a regular bearded man into a brawny lumberjack. If you can rustle up a hatchet or ax to complete the look, all the better; accents like a good ball cap or some suspenders may also make the look even more complete.

Wise and Noble: Gandalf the Wizard from Lord of the Rings

If your friends are likely to appreciate having someone wise and strong in their midst on Halloween, put together a Gandalf costume. Your long beard makes for a good part of this costume; add a tall pointed hat, a long robe (easy to find in costume stores or the costume section of your local big-box store), and a wooden staff to complete the look. Make sure you practice your thousand-mile stare for the evening of Halloween.

Goofy and Wild: Forrest Gump From His Running Years

Forrest Gump's era of tragedy in life caused him to don his retro running clothes and run, without shaving his beard, all across America. Put on your best running shorts, ratty tank top, and tease out your beard to the bushiest it can be, and you'll be prepped to say "I'm Forrest, Forrest Gump" as you enjoy your Halloween evening.

Heroic and Epic: Thor from the Marvel Comics Movies

No one minds being compared with the muscular hero of Asgard; to become Thor for Halloween, find the biggest black boots and best black pants you can, as well as a red piece of fabric or cape. You'll want, most likely, to order a look-alike armored breastplate, but the rest of your costume you can put together by hand, right down to creating a cardboard version of Thor's iconic hammer!

Friendly and Kind: Hagrid from Harry Potter

Few childhood stories have characters as great as Hagrid, the beardy and brawny Care of Magical Creatures teacher from Harry Potter. If you've got the hair and beard for it, why not put together a Hagrid outfit? His simple, unadorned clothes make him easy to imitate, especially if you can get access to a brown shirt and pants and a floor-length brown coat, the more distressed the better. After all, Hagrid spends time with giants and dragons, so a little wear and tear is pretty much inevitable.

Strong in Combat: Chuck Norris

Fake weaponry, a good denim shirt, and a pair of jeans can be all you need to become the combat hero Chuck Norris for the evening. Shaping your beard to match his iconic look may not be easy, but if you have the look of his beard already, find yourself a good hat and watch a couple of Chuck movies to get in the spirit of his swagger.

Artistic and Chipper: Bob Ross

If your hair is naturally fluffy, or if you can find a good wig, a Bob Ross look is fairly simple! Choose a light colored button-down shirt, make yourself a nice cardboard painting palette, and encourage everyone around you to paint the happy trees. Extra points if you can get someone to "dress up" as a painting from Ross' iconic shows on learning how to paint.



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