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How to Apply Pomade

Posted by Sellry Inc Collaborator on

The great thing about men's pomade from Reuzel is the wide variety of formulations available to meet the needs of men's hair styling with all thicknesses and textures. It doesn't matter if your hair is short or long, thick or fine, coarse or textured, there's a pomade created specifically for your hair type. But what is pomade?  Medium Hold High Shine PomadePomade is a men's hair styling product designed to hold styles longer and allow for creativity that would otherwise be impossible. Consider the classic pompadours worn by Elvis Presley and James Dean, and you can see why hair pomade is so popular today.

Today's men are sporting hairstyles that are precision cut, but still benefit from a product that can hold each lock of hair in perfect place. From slicked down and shining to feathered and natural, it's all about how to apply pomade to suit your hair cut and preferred hairstyle. The best tip is to be patient and learn from trial and error. For each man and each hairstyle there will be flexibility in how much pomade to use and how much teasing or massaging will be needed to get your desired look. But how do you use pomade? Find out below. 

How to Apply Pomade

Start with clean hair: First, make sure any pomade from the last application has been completely removed – this will help prevent a greasy build-up. Hair product build-up can cause the hair to be weighed down and will cause more frizzing. 

Apply to Dry Hair: Whether you blow dry or towel dry your hair, you want the strands to be fully dry. If your hair is wet or damp, you risk the possibility of the pomade not sticking to your hair and making it impossible to hold a style. 

Use a dime size amount: Rub the pomade between your palms to soften it. Remember, a little goes a long way and you can always add more, if needed. Once your hands have an equal coating of pomade, you're ready for application.

Work scalp to ends: Starting at your scalp, work your way to the ends, which is easier if you spike your hair upwards as you coat each group of strands. This will help prevent the pomade from clumping and will evenly distribute the product. Don't neglect the back of the head where you may want to add a little extra pomade for more holding power.

Liberally coat hair:  Apply the remaining pomade by running your fingers through your hair and generously coat each strand from scalp to ends. Ensure you have massaged product evenly throughout entirety of head.

Use additional product: If you need added hold or want to create a slicker hairstyle, use some additional product when styling. With practice, you will develop the right technique and amount for your hair and preferred styles, but generally men will use more pomade to hold down the sides and back of the hair, and less on top for a looser, more natural wave.

Style with comb or fingers: Here is where the fun begins. If your hair hasn't been cut into a specific hairstyle, you will find many great examples of men sporting the wet, shiny, and slick look. Most men stick with styles that have more volume on top, while being short and slick on the sides and back. Don't hesitate to use your fingers to position locks into the right place.

Browse our men’s hair pomade to find the right product for you, including formulations with strong hold, high shine, natural or matte finish, or pliable hold for a softer, more relaxed look. Learn how to get pomade out of hair by using our 3-step degreasing formula. Reuzel has been manufacturing quality hair grease and pomades for unique grooming experiences, so whichever men's hair style you choose – pomped up or slicked down, we have just the pomade for you.


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