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<p>Are you looking for awesome gifts for the men in your life? If so, we have the men’s grooming kits they’re sure to love! Brother, father, son, husband, just a friend or that someone special.</p>

Men's Grooming Kit

Mens Grooming Kit

Looking for the best men's grooming kit for the holidays, a birthday, or anniversary gift?  If so, we have the men's grooming gifts they're sure to love! Brother, father, son, husband, just a friend or that someone special. Whatever his place in your life, treat him to a grooming kit from Reuzel that shows how much you care. 

View our Gift Sets Collection to see all our Men's Grooming Kits or read on to create your own kit.

Reuzel Men's Grooming Gifts

We offer only the finest shaving cream, aftershave, beard balm, shampoos, conditioners, pomades, and hair tonics for those 'hairy beasts' in your life.

For the man with a beard


Soften Coarse Facial Hair

Help him keep his beard looking its best with Reuzel Beard Balm. This delightful balm will soften and smooth his beard while encouraging healthy new growth. The rich, hydrating formula moisturizes the skin beneath the beard with argon oil and shea butter, all while nourishing the hair at its roots with soothing botanicals. It helps tame the unruliest beard while keeping it touchably soft and inviting. 

For the fitness guru 

Matte Pomade
Does he like to look good during even his heaviest workouts? If so, Reuzel Clay Matte Pomade is the perfect product for him! It holds as well as the strongest gels but with a natural, matte finish. This sweat-proof pomade will hold his hair all day and still remain touchable. Not only that, but our customers rave about the delicious scent of this pomade. He can use as much as he needs to, and it will still wash out with ease in his post-workout shower.

For the boy who just started shaving (or any man who likes a clean-cut face)

Men's Shaving Cream
Shaving is one of those manly rituals that most boys look forward to - until that first nick or razor bump! Ease his transition into manhood with Reuzel Shave Cream. This rich, silky formula will work into a lavish lather that smooths the way for the razor. He'll experience much fewer nicks, scrapes, ingrown hairs, razor bumps, or irritated skin when he uses this moisturizing shave cream. Shaving is naturally more comfortable when skin is slick and hair is soft. Our shave cream provides exactly that ideal combination, along with a soothing moisturizer and refreshing scent. Even experienced shavers will appreciate this awesome gift!

For the man who loves his hair

Hair Grooming Tonic

Reuzel Grooming Tonic adds texture and volume to hair. It's especially useful when combined with blow drying or other thermal styling methods. It not only lets him style his hair just the way he likes it, but the natural botanicals protect his hair from the heat while he's doing it! If he prefers a more natural style, he can use the grooming tonic on his damp hair and then let it air dry. This men's grooming gift will give him a long-lasting light hold with a subtle shine. If you're planning on giving him pomade, this tonic is the perfect complement. Because it's water-based, an undercoat of tonic means the pomade will wash out more easily.

For the everyday man 

Medium Hold High Shine Pomade

Maybe your man isn't into styling his hair, but you'd like him to look his best. Slip some Reuzel Red Water Soluble Pomade into his Christmas stocking. This medium hold product is an awesome gift and never hardens or feels stiff and also washes out easily without leaving build-up. He can comb his hair whenever he feels the need without worrying about flaking, and you can run your fingers through his natural-feeling hair whenever you want. Just don't be surprised if you suddenly start craving a vanilla cola while you're doing it. It's the subtle fragrance behind that glorious shine!


For the men who enjoy that clean face feeling

RR Skin Care Gift Set

This gift set featuring RR skincare will give him a new sense of pride as he walks around feeling refreshed and restored! This set is a perfect addition under the tree and includes RR Face Wash Stick, Hydrating Moisturizer, and Intensive Eye Cream. Every man deserves to feel a little pampered. 

For the aspiring barber

Haircut Examples for Men


Do you know an aspiring barber? Then why not inspire them with the Reuzel Signature Haircuts DVD? This DVD includes clear, step-by-step directions, in English, for ten Reuzel signature cuts, plus a bonus 11th cut! We've even included a short documentary about our traditional barbershop, the Schorem Haarsnijder en Barbier, in Rotterdam. Since we finish each cut with Reuzel pomade or hair grease, he can even pick up some tips on using the world's best hair products!  For every man in your life, you're sure to find the perfect grooming gift for him at Reuzel. Check out our other products, including application videos and helpful tips, or stop by your local Reuzel authorized salon or barbershop to pick up an exclusive holiday gift box.



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