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The Modern Pomp

The Modern Pomp


The Elvis classic, styled with a looser drier texture.


Tell your barber or stylist you want a traditional pomp, without any clear separation or undercut. If they ask what clipper guard you want, tell them you want at least a 1.5 guard or better yet to get their shears out instead. You’ll want at least as an inch of hair at the round of the head.


Spritz a generous amount of Reuzel Spray Grooming Tonic to clean, thoroughly towel dried hair to thicken it up and get it smelling good.

Blow the hair at the sides in an upward direction using a vent brush. Use your fingers and a dryer to style this modern pomp from the front and build volume.

Apply Reuzel Extreme Hold Matte Pomade throughout the hair for hold and lift and place hair with a brush or with the fingers for a more natural look.
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