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< The Medium Pompadour



A rock-and-roll icon. A big volume pompadour without pretense. A long on top, short on the sides, high-volume sex magnet.


Ask your barber or stylist for a medium to long pompadour. They ought to understand. If you get a blank stare, tell them you want your hair clippered tight on the back and sides, with enough length on top to pile upwards and attract attention.


Towel-dry a clean head of hair. Wrap the towel around your naked waist so you don’t distract yourself. Add a squirt of Reuzel Grooming Tonic to your hands and spread it nice and evenly between your palms.

Comb the Grooming Tonic through your hair, working through from crown to tips. Finish drying your medium pompadour hairstyle with a blowdryer, using a Denman-type brush to direct your hair back and up.

Once your hair’s dry, you’ve got a couple options. You could use Reuzel Blue Pomade for a shiny rockabilly look. Or Reuzel Pink Pomade for a greasier, biker-just-in-from-the-highway style.



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