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The Long Pompadour


Tell your barber you want an Elvis ..... but you want it to look like the classic young Elvis if he'd been ship wrecked on a Blue Hawaiian island for 4-5 months. If they reach for the clippers run, this one needs scissors to make perfect.



Apply a generous amount of Reuzel Grooming Tonic throughout a clean head of hair.

Using a vent brush, blow dry the long hair pompadour backwards and upwards through the sides. Once the sides are dry, the sides will help to support the top as you blow the top upwards and backwards.

Once dry, apply a generous amount of Reuzel Extreme Hold Pomade for extra hold and a matte finish. If you prefer the traditional Greaser look apply a generous amount of Reuzel Heavy Hold Pink Grease Pomade. Comb either product into place lifting the front with a pick comb if necessary and get ready to raise some hell!


Created by Barbers
The Long Pompadour

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