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The Hard Part Pompadour

The Hard Part Pompadour

Know it:

The classic pomp with a modern edge. A side part is razored right in. So you get the style precisely right, day in and night out.


Get it:

Ask your stylist for a Hard Part Pompadour. They may confirm if that means you want your part shaved in. Take a sip of courage and say, “Hell yes.”

Build it:

1. Get your hair nice and clean, and then give it a good towel-dry.

2. Use a comb to set the general style in place, using the hard part as your guide.

3. Pick up a 7-9 row Denman-style brush for a smooth look. Or a common vent brush if you like a bit of wave.

4. Use your blow dryer and brush to smooth the hair on top of your head away from the hard part.

5. Now turn your attention to your bangs. These, you want to blow up and backwards for height.

6. When your hair’s completely dried, fix the style in place. You can use Reuzel Blue Pomade for a high-shine look. Or Reuzel Green Pomade for grease.

7. You’re just about done. Comb any stray hairs downward from the hard part.

8. Use that comb to tug the hair up in front till you’ve got all the height you need to stand out. (Or at least above.)

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