Modern Classics Class April 7th & 8th '24 - Reuzel Modern Classics Class April 7th & 8th '24 - Reuzel Modern Classics Class April 7th & 8th '24 - Reuzel Modern Classics Class April 7th & 8th '24 - Reuzel

Modern Classics Class Multiple Dates Available

LOCATION: Reuzel Academy, Denver, CO

COURSE DESCRIPTION: Beyond Reuzel’s legendary classic approach we often find opportunities to create shapes with a bit of a different vibe. The MODERN CLASSICS COLLECTION introduces shapes with looser, less structured, and often more highly textured finishes. The modern shapes are derived from a host of different resources in Reuzel’s more recent catalog of work. Modern shapes with seriously relevant attitude.

THE BREAKDOWN: The MODERN COLLECTION introduces new tools, sectioning templates, and finishing techniques to create shapes ranging from a retro-inspired Crop - to a Modern Rock & Roll shape taken directly from the London Calling Collection. Elements of all the modern shapes can be commingled with the classics to create infinite possibilities for customization.

Duration: 2 days

TUITION: $400.00


  • Interchangeable Bladed Clipper with #000,- #OA,- #1 blades or Adjustable bladed Clipper Plastic attachment combs “guards” sizes .5, #1 , #1.5
  • Edger
  • Feather Type Hair Cutting Razor
  • Straight Shear
  • Blending Shear
  • Clipper Comb
  • Cutting Comb
  • Taper Comb
  • Metal Pick
  • Vent Brush
  • Scalp Brush
  • Sectioning Clips
  • Blow Dryer
  • Water Bottle


Modern Classics Class April 7th & 8th '24 - Reuzel
Extreme Hold Matte Pomade - Reuzel
Fiber Pomade - Reuzel

Fiber Pomade


Grooming Tonic - Reuzel
Clay Matte Pomade - Reuzel
Blue Pomade - Reuzel

Blue Pomade


Strong Hold High Shine
Daily Shampoo - Reuzel
Concrete Hold Matte Pomade - Reuzel
strong hold Hold no shine Shine
Wood & Spice Beard Balm - Reuzel
3 in 1 Shampoo - Reuzel
RR Fine Fragrance - Reuzel
Travel Size Extreme Hold Matte Pomade - Reuzel
Travel Size Fiber Pomade - Reuzel
Travel Size Grooming Tonic - Reuzel
Travel Size Blue Pomade - Reuzel
Strong Hold High Shine
Monster Mash Silk Screen Poster - Reuzel
Travel Size 3-in-1 Shampoo - Reuzel
Travel Size Daily Shampoo - Reuzel
Gift Card - Reuzel

Gift Card