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Clean & Fresh Beard Foam

Light Hold - Low Shine - Deodorizes Facial Hair

When your facial hair becomes disheveled or develops an overly masculine odor, rejuvenate and maintain its control with Reuzel Beard Foam. Reuzel Clean & Fresh Beard Foam is an exceptional grooming product for men and acts as a leave-in conditioner for your beard and mustache.

Deodorizes your beard and absorbs it quickly, helping to tame, nourish, and control rogue hairs while keeping your rogue attitude intact. Available in three scents - NEW Clean & Fresh, Wood & Spice, and Original.



Size: 2.36oz/70ml


Clean & Fresh Beard Foam - Reuzel
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The breakdown of this beard-taming foam:

  • Formulated to reduce itch and beardruff
  • Tames rogue hairs and smooths out stubborn kinks
  • Softens coarse hair while knocking out any funky smells
  • Instantly makes your beard appear fuller
  • Keeps your beard moisturized better than other men’s beard grooming products
  • New Clean & Fresh scent is an original, light fragrance of orange peel, eucalyptus, and mint
  • Also available in Wood & Spice and Original scents

Tame your beard with a cloud of soothing beard foam: 

Dispense 2 pumps of Reuzel beard foam (depending on beard length) into palms and distribute evenly through a clean towel-dried beard, mustache, and face.
Rub our barber shop quality beard foam into the skin to nourish hair at the roots. Next, spread through the beard using a wide tooth comb.
Step back to admire your Fresh & Clean look, and then step outside to meet life chin first.


Use as a leave-in conditioner for men with curly or unruly hair, or a dry scalp.

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