Wood & Spice Solid Cologne Wood & Spice Solid Cologne 1.3oz

Wood & Spice Solid Cologne Balm


Wood & Spice Solid Cologne
  • Attitude
  • Functional
  • Tips

Men like working with their hands, so here’s a cologne made just for them. Reuzel Solid Cologne Balm comes in a tin. You screw it open and use your fingers to smooth on the product. No more closing your eyes, pointing a nozzle at your neck, and hoping you hit your target.

Hand applied – Solid – Wood & Spice

  • Wax-based formula
  • Wood & Spice fragrance
  • Notes of lemon and cloves

Slide two fingertips over the top of this wax based cologne. (You don’t want people smelling your cologne till you’re within kissing distance.) Then, massage onto your neck, wrists and anywhere else you can feel a pulse. Re-up as desired.

Keep a tin of Reuzel Solid Cologne Balm in your dopp bag, alongside your 3-in-1 Tea Tree Shampoo. That way, you have it handy after the gym, fresh off a plane, or any other time you want to look like a scumbag but smell like gent.