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This one has been a hit since the Mods and Rockers battled it out on the beaches of Brighton.

A little bit of '60's Quadrophenia and Vespas with a big dash of '80's Madchester. Wear it smooth or textured, it's all about your mood. Best to show your barber or stylist a photo of this one to avoid any confusion.


Clean yourself from head to toe with Reuzel 3 in 1 Shampoo and exit the shower, check out your buffness in the mirror and do your daily affirmation, then towel dry your hair very well.

Spritz in a healthy dose of Reuzel Spray Grooming Tonic. For a smooth look - blowdry the hair forwards with a Denman type 7 row brush. For texture and volume on the mod haircut - blowdry the crown backwards or better still jump on your scooter and ride around the neighborhood without a helmet on for a few minutes.

Finish with a touch of Reuzel Grooming Cream or Reuzel Matte Styling Paste to hold the sides and fringe (bangs) down.


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