SHINE Tattoo Spray

Color Boosting Tattoo Spray

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When people ask how to brighten their tattoo, the answer is the TAT tattoo care system. SHINE tattoo brightener is the last step in your advanced tattoo care routine. 

When you are heading out for the night, make sure your tattoo glows no matter how dark the club lights get. REUZEL SHINE Spray absorbs fast, makes colors pop, and adds definition without leaving your skin greasy. Like all our tattoo supplies, SHINE Spray is toxin-free and paraben-free, and will never leave you feeling sticky or looking tacky.

Make your tattoo brighter with organic moisturizers like Shea Butter and Papaya. Orchid Stem Cell Extract helps your skin stay young and supple. Castor Oil puts a protective layer between your ink and elements like pollution, sweat, or your abrasive shirt, assuming you decide to wear one.

After washing with BUFF, you can use VIVID gel for a first layer of shine, and touch up with SHINE spray before you head out for instant glossy glory. 

The secret of how to keep your tattoo bright and vibrant until the break of dawn is to spray on the SHINE and let it dry. That’s it. 

Try using anywhere on your body to make your skin shine, just make sure to rub it in and let it absorb before putting on clothes.