Revitalize & Replenish Tattoo Balm

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Sunlight. Pollution. Whatever it was that got spilled on you last night. Give your ink an edge with HYDRABALM. It’s the can’t-miss hero of tattoo balms, brightening your colors and protecting you from whatever the world throws at you next. 

Dry, flaky skin not only obscures the colors and details of your tattoo, it also tugs and pulls on new tats which can blur the crisp edges and make fine script unreadable. Products not made for tattoo care can bleach the colors and make things patchy. HYDRABALM is a tattoo balm made with shea butter and papaya which work together to condition your skin. Castor oil creates a barrier between toxins and your ink. Get the best balm for tattoo aftercare!

With clean hands/fingers, apply Hydrabalm directly onto your fresh ink and healed tattoos of any age. You’ll see results after one use. To keep your lines defined and colors vibrant, use Hydrabalm daily or as often as needed for deep hydration.