Clean & Fresh Shave Butter

​Conditioning – Rich Formula – Rinses Clean

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What is shave butter and why is it one of the best additions to your beard care and shaving routine? Here are the facts:

  • Rich, moisturizing formula conditions beard hair and the skin underneath
  • Ideal for all skin types, especially men with dry skin
  • Helps prevent nicks, cuts, and razor burn to put your best face forward
  • Makes shaved areas smooth and clean the first time
  • Leaves a light fragrance of orange peel, eucalyptus, and mint
  • Works without foaming up and rinses clean from all kinds of razors

Get smooth:

  • Use a coin-sized amount of Reuzel shave butter and apply a thin layer to the area that you want to shave.
  • Unlike foams, soaps, and gels, shave butter stays clear and does not lather up.
  • Shave as usual in the direction that the hair grows to reduce skin irritation, while being able to see what you are doing for clean lines and edges with precision.
  • Skip the part where you patch up your cuts with toilet paper because shave butter provides a nick-free shave.


Perfect for anyone who shave their legs! It’s “skincare” you can shave with.