Tattoo Aftercare Products

Tattoo Advanced Treatment

Are you sporting some fresh ink? Puzzling how to keep your tattoo bright? Before the colors start to fade and the edges get fuzzy, listen to tattoo artists and take care of that artwork. The TAT system of tattoo skin care has natural ingredients to speed the healing process of freshly inked skin and preserve the sharp edges and colors that tell your gritty story of life noir.

We’ve got the tattoo aftercare products in a complete system that hits the three sweet spots for the best tattoo aftercare.


Got legendary old ink that needs a refresh? TAT features the best tattoo balm for old tattoos, tattoo brightener, soap for tattoo aftercare, and long-term tattoo care products that keep your legend alive for all the miles ahead. Kicking around how to brighten your tattoo safely? Don’t settle for a single tube of tattoo balm. Reuzel has the system that brings out the best in badass body art.
Tattoo Aftercare Products