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Hydrating Tattoo Gel


Restores - Intensifies - Soothes

It’s never too early to start taking precautions against fading colors and bleeding lines. As your tattoos age, fading inevitably occurs. To keep your tattoos vibrant longer, massage on a little Vivid Gel often. It’ll keep your skin moisturized, your lines sharp and make your colors pop.

For healed tattoos, Step #2 of your TAT routine is our revolutionary VIVID Gel. This all-natural hydrating tattoo gel creates a moisture barrier on the skin while quickly enhancing the color of your tattoo. Get your shine on with VIVID tattoo gel before you leave the house to bring your colors along for the ride.

This protecting tattoo gel aftercare product is vegan and Leaping Bunny certified so you can shine up with no blowback to your green image. VIVID tattoo color and detail enhancer for legendary living skin art that lasts.

VIVID Gel - Reuzel
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The moment you walk out of the parlor, your tattoo starts to fade. Unless you do something about it on a daily basis. So, massage on a little VIVID tattoo gel each day for the glow that keeps on glowing. It’ll keep your skin moisturized, your edges sharp, and your colors bright enough to stop traffic.

VIVID tattoo gel aftercare beats your average tattoo cream or tattoo lotion, because it’s made with Quinoa, Orchid Stem Cell Extract, and Papaya Extract. These natural ingredients make VIVID tattoo color enhancer work to naturally restore and hydrate your skin.

Got old ink that needs a revival? After exfoliating with BUFF and using VIVID on a regular basis, many old classic tats and historic body art can be brought back to life with this powerful color enhancer from Reuzel.


Once a new tattoo has healed, you can start using VIVID tattoo gel. After washing with BUFF exfoliating wash and moisturizing with HYDRABALM, apply a thin layer of VIVID tattoo gel and allow it to dry. This final step adds a protective layer of shine in a powerful tattoo color enhancer.

There is no wrong time to put a sheen on your skin and it is safe to use as often as needed. Use VIVID tattoo gel for aftercare daily or whenever you leave the house and shine on, you crazy diamond.

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