BUFF Exfoliating Wash - Reuzel BUFF Exfoliating Wash - Reuzel BUFF Exfoliating Wash BUFF Exfoliating Wash - Reuzel BUFF Exfoliating Wash - Reuzel

BUFF Exfoliating Wash

Gentle Tattoo Cleanser


Exfoliates - Brightens - Smooths

Your tattoo isn’t fading, it’s hiding. For ongoing tattoo care and maintenance, Buff Exfoliating Wash reveals details and colors by removing dead and dry skin. Buff Exfoliating Wash is milder than your standard off-the-shelf exfoliator, so it won’t lighten or damage your tattoo. You get healthier skin while keeping your tattoo's colors and details looking as vibrant as the day you got it.

For healed tattoos, Step #1 of the TAT routine begins with BUFF Exfoliating Wash. Our natural, sulfate-free soap is packed with fruit enzymes to quickly buff the skin and remove dead skin cells and surface debris for a brightened tattoo. Use BUFF exfoliant soap for tattoo aftercare as often as once a week to get the best results. Reuzel's TAT line will have your tattoo looking fresh and vibrant, with no harsh scrubs needed. BUFF uses natural ingredients to create the ultimate tattoo skin care experience.

With BUFF tattoo scrub you can wash the dry and dead skin away, letting the bright colors of your skin-story shine through. 

BUFF Exfoliating Wash - Reuzel
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BUFF tattoo cleanser exfoliates and rinses away dead and drying cells so the real colors and details of your tattoos can rise to the surface. If you’re serious about taking care of your tat, start with our natural soap for tattoo aftercare.

  • BUFF tattoo scrub uses bamboo as a gentle exfoliator
  • Papaya extract conditions the exfoliated skin
  • Aloe vera soothes and cools the sensitive side
  • Mandelic acid improves uneven skin tones without bleaching
  • BUFF is vegan and Leaping Bunny certified for guilt-free tattoo glory

You get healthier skin and colors that look as vibrant as they did the day the needle did its work. BUFF tattoo cleanser is the ideal exfoliant soap for tattoo aftercare and sets the stage for moisturizing with our HYDRABALM to keep skin healthy and supple. 

Use VIVID GEL for a color-enhancing sheen. The TAT system is simply the best tattoo aftercare products designed to work together.

Wet. Scrub. Rinse.

After your new tattoo has healed over you can start your TAT skin care for tattoo routine. As often as once a week in the shower, apply BUFF soap for tattoo aftercare to wet skin and scrub gently to exfoliate, then rinse clean.

Natural bamboo exfoliators will gently remove dead and dry skin, bring healthy skin to the surface, and keep your true colors on display. What they say is up to you, but let them scream it loud and long with BUFF from Reuzel.

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