Beard Serum - Reuzel Beard Serum Beard Serum - Reuzel Beard Serum - Reuzel Beard Serum - Reuzel

Beard Serum


A perfect blend of moisturizers for a weightless beard oil that will not weigh the beard down leaving it with a natural, non-greasy finish.

SHINE: 4/10

HOLD: 2/10

Beard Serum - Reuzel
  • Details
  • Application
  • Tip
  • Formulated for your beard & the skin underneath
  • Softens beard
  • Non-greasy formula that won’t clog pores
  • Light, citrus mint scent
  • Vegan formula

Apply 2-3 drops of this beard oil to soften and tame the beard, while hydrating the skin underneath.

Can also be used as an excellent pre-shave or shave oil.

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