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You’re giving more than the underground’s finest hair products. The real gift is the look—the one that makes bosses bow and women swoon. He’ll try to own it, but we’ll know who gets the credit. It surely ain’t the fat man up North.

Extreme Dopp Bag

Extreme Dopp Bag



Get out of town.

TSA-friendly sizes of your favorite Reuzel Pomade and Daily Shampoo. And a big tin of the sticky stuff to keep at home. All in a Dopp bag with the Reuzel pig on it. (Fits your carry-on luggage and motorcycle saddlebags alike.)

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Groom & Grow

Groom & Grow

What real men say



Gifts for the bearded.

Get a set of Wood & Spice Beard Balm and Wood & Spice Beard Foam. They’ll keep whiskers healthy, nourish the skin, and leave a woodsy scent that’ll have people wondering if your man is fresh from chopping down his very own tree.

Purchase REUZEL Groom  & Grow Gift Set Which Includes:

*  1 Wood & Spice Beard Balm - 1.3oz/35g

* 1  Wood & Spice Beard Foam - 2.36oz/70ml

& Receive FREE

* 1 NEW! Solid Cologne Balm - 1.3oz/35g

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S*%T, Shower & Shave

S*%T, Shower & Shave

What real men say



Get that morning routine locked.
Reuzel Daily Shampoo and Shave Cream will make sure he’s feeling fresh when he leaves the bathroom. And a candle with our traditional pomme fragrance will make sure the bathroom’s in good shape as well.


Purchase REUZEL S%*t, Shower, & Shave Gift Set Which Includes:

*  (1) 3-in-1 Shampoo - 11.83oz/350ml

* 1 Shave Cream - 3.38oz/95g

& Receive FREE:

1 REUZEL sCandle - 4oz

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Groom Groom

Groom Groom



Support men’s health. One hairy lip at a time.

 It’s Men’s Health Awareness Month. So let’s do some good. Every time you purchase a Reuzel Groom Groom kit, we’ll donate a dollar to a leading men’s health charity. You get our Wood Spice Beard Balm to keep your facial hair soft all month long. And some Reuzel Shave Cream, so you can get clean when your time’s up. Dig deep, gentlemen.   

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Create the hairstyles favored by greasers, psychobillies and other fine gentlemen.
Need a product recommendation?
Need a product recommendation?

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Create the hairstyles favored by greasers, psychobillies and other fine gentlemen.

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