Hair conditioner for men is the backup you need when things get rough out there. Men’s hair conditioner is the lube that takes the fight out of combing and styling. If tugging and tearing are part of your daily routine, you need a better hair conditioner for men sitting next to that lonely shampoo bottle.


Conditioner for men’s dry hair moisturizes, detangles, and refreshes the scalp after using degreasing shampoos. Reuzel’s vegan conditioner formulas let you comb up or slick back with ease, while keeping the hard edge on your attitude and your hairs still firmly attached to your head. Check out our line of the best hair conditioners for men who brush off trouble first thing in the morning.


What degreases the greaser look? Our vegan shampoo formulas cool, refresh, and prepare hair for its next adventure. Moisturizing scalp care and exfoliating scrubs tackle the delicate problems and helmet hair headaches, leaving your hair and scalp clean and smelling manly.


Hair tonic for men protects the mop from the heat of blow drying and gives a soft natural styling hold essential for relaxed pompadour styles. Reuzel has grooming tonics, traditional barber shop hair tonic, and spray tonics in scented, fragrance free, shiny, or matte finishes.


Reuzel’s hair conditioner for men not only conditions and tones the scalp but is an essential step in the degreasing process. Restoring just the right blend of vegan conditioners after shampooing, our men’s hair conditioner is ideal for all hair types and daily use.

Styling Products

Styling pomade, gels, pastes, and sprays from Reuzel bring the right level of hold and sheen to the style that defines your signature look. Straight-up-mohawk solid hold and curly hair products for men put the bounce, attitude, or reckless rebel back into your daily routine.