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The Blitz

The Blitz


Better bring a photo with you to show the barber or stylist, this one's hard to explain!  Basically you want to retain length but get layers that are short enough to texturize for that devil may care, "I just woke up like this" look.


Apply several spritz' of Reuzel Surf Tonic to freshly shampooed, towel dried hair.

Rough dry the hair with a blow drier and your hands until the hair is almost dry. Then use the drier and a vent brush to smooth the fringe (bang) and sweep it to one side. Rub the hair at the crown and sides with the palms of the hands to create lift and texture.

Once dry add an inch or two of Reuzel Matte Styling Paste to hands and rub the palms on the hair to give the textured hair a stronger hold.

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